Shinta Inoue


Stage design ・ Project coordinate
Born in Osaka, Japan in 1967. Shinta is an art director and contemporary artist.
After the graduation from Kyoto Seika University,he performed over 100 theater shows in Europe as a Japanese Drum player. He also partici pated in a Brazil tour as a stage, lighting, and art director.
Focusing on Sheep Herder, he has been holding exhibitions domestically and internationally.In these years, he has been collaborating with various genres of artists, seeking new possibilities of flat formulation, working at a theater, tea house and no play stage, and organizing "Curiousity Workshop" in elementary schools all over Japan.
In 2010, he co-established "MuDA" and works as a substitutional instructor at Kyoto Seika University and Kyoto Tachibana University.

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