Stay:2017/2/14 tue. - 2017/3/30 thu.

Isak Immanuel



Isak Immanuel is an interdisciplinary artist, choreographer, and dancer making work within quotidian spaces, theaters, galleries, and for camera. As a platform to engage local and global questions of place, he founded Tableau Stations (initiated with the project Floor of Sky in 2004). The impetus came from an inquiry on how to negotiate contemporary public spaces of a city with the intimacies and economies of individual bodies. Here, inquiries to sight/site specificity are insistently engaged. Since the project’s conception, numerous works have been created throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and internationally. They work in the area of travel, absence, inversion, and how to open a map through collaboration and experimentation.


Tableau Stations / Isak Immanuel
『Wind Stations — if someone asks where I am living』 Work-in-Progress showing

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Wed, Mar. 29, 2017 19:30~
Kinosaki International Arts Center

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