Stay:2018/3/24 sat.- 4/29 sun.

Kaori Nishio



Playwright, director and founder of the company Bird Park. Born in Tokyo in 1985. After a childhood in Malaysia she researched Shuji Terayama at University of Tokyo (B.A.) and Shogo Ota at Tokyo University of the Arts (M.A.), and founded Bird Park in 2007. Since then, she has been the playwright and director for all the works where she attempts to cast soft light on what is not exactly “correct” but certainly present with her innocent and a bit humorous way. With “Sweet Drops from Heaven”, she was nominated for the 58th Kishida Prize for Drama. Her main commissioned works include: “Invisible Neighbors (inspired by “8”)” for F/T14 and “What if you know who shows up from the corner of room 51 at 9 in the morning” for World Theater Festival Shizuoka 2015. From 2015, she receives the Junior Fellowship of the Saison Foundation.

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