Shuji Onodera

Onodera started studying mime in Japan mime studio. He launched “Performance Theater Mizu to Abura” in 1995 and he directed all the works of the company. He won the Herald Angel Award in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2001. In 2003, he also won the Shuji Terayama’s award in the 2nd Asahi Performing Arts Festival. In 2006, he temporarily stopped his activities and stayed in Paris for a year as a trainee of Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists.
After he returned to Japan, he launched Company Derashinera. His representative works are “A Man Fallen Into a Void”, “Fugue X”, “A Woman’s House” and etc. "Fugue X" was performed in abroad; Mimos International Mime Festival (France) and International Mime and Physical Theatre in Warsaw (Poland) in 2008, COS Festival (Spain) in 2010. He also works as choreographer. He was honored with Best staff Award Yomiuri 18th,2011.

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