Hairi Katagiri


Tokyo native. Acting in the theatrical company since she was still in
college and she has started to be known with high critical reputation.
After then, she has been shining out in the movies and TV drama series.
Her major appearance on stage:
"Katagiri Hairi monodrama stage・The Night of Ventures" (1994-1996), "The
Machine Dairy: Machine Nikki" (1996, 2001), "Hanako ni tsuite" (2013).

Her participating stage of Company Derashinera:
"Ihojin" (2010), "Carmen" (2013), "Ihojin" (Revival, 2013), "Game" performed
in Pari (2013), "Psycho" (2014).
Her major appearance on TV programs and dramas:
"Tokidoki Mayomayo" (2009-), "Amachan" (2013).
on Movies:
"Kamome Diner: Kamome Shokudo" (2006), "R100" (2013), "Onodera no Ototo,
Onodera no Ane" (2014 coming soon).
Her writing works:"Mogiriyo Konyamo Arigato"

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