Stay:2019/7/4 thu.- 7/28 sun.

Teatro all’improvviso

Mantova, Italy

theater company

Founded in 1978, Teatro allʼimprovviso tours all over the world with performances with few words but much focus on images, poetic sensibilities and gestures. Specialized in creating performances for children from 3 to 8 years old, its aim is to captivate and provoke them with unexpected and evocative performances. This is their second stay at KIAC.


Teatro all’improvviso × Cie Sémaphore『Fantastic!』
2019/7/24 Sat. 15:00-, 21 Sun. 11:00-, 15:00-, 22 Mon. 19:00-

Teatro all’improvviso × Cie Sémaphore『Fantastic!』related program
2019/7/7 Sun. 11:00-, 17 Wed. 19:00-, 27 Sun. 12:30-

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