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Jean Lambert-wild



Lambert-wild was born in 1972 in Réunion, a French island territory located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of South India. He is a playwright, director, and actor. Lambert-wild has cultivated a poetic power of imagination through the unique environment of his upbringing, and his magical knack for direction has become highly esteemed. Contrary to his young age, he has a long and impressive history of supervising a wide array of national theater centers across France.
Some of his most representative works include a fantasized autobiographical epic titled "The Hypogeum (The Underground Tomb)", "The Molting", a piece he created alongside indigenous peoples of Brazil, an adaptation of "Waiting for Godot", and more. In recent years Lambert-wild has collaborated productions with Swiss director Lorenzo Malaguerra, who has provided an incredible frenetic energy to performances, acting as the character of Lucky in the aforementioned production of "Waiting for Godot" and playing characters such as Richard the III or Dom Juan. In 2014, Lambert-wild received the 'Chevalier' (knight) medallion prize from the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, an Order created by France's Minister of Culture to celebrate important contributions to the arts.
Up until now, several of his works have been carried out in Japan. "The Goat of Monsieur Seguin" (2011), "Splendor and Lassitude of Captain Iwatani Izumi"(2014), and "Richard III - Loyaulté Me Lie" (2018) have all been performed at SPAC (Shizuoka Performing Arts Center).

photo: Tristan Jeanne-Valès


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