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Bird Park


Founded in 2007 by a playwright and director, Kaori Nishio. In a bit humorous and innocent way, she attempts to cast gentle light on what is off from being “correct” but is certainly present. Barbarously collaging the words and situations, the play demonstrates the physiological sensation like some physical substances, exposing the sense of discomfort to live on this world. Her direction persistently goes along with the fact that“they must exist”, incorporating the characteristics of spaces such as Japanese traditional house, seaside warehouse or old factory site. Her plays“Kanro”which portrays people in Tokyo in the near future without any hopes for being rewarded and“Yobu yonderuyo (Job is calling)” where she depicted the present-day Japan without gods, setting the tone based on the “Book of Job” from the Old Testament, were nominated for the 58th and 62th Kishida Kunio Drama Award respectively.

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