Stay:2019/11/7 thu.- 11/17 sun.

Kumotaro Mukai

butoh dancer,choreographer

Mukai joined Dairakudakan in 1994,where he studied under Maro Akaji. In 2001, he started to present his own works. Since then, he has presented 18 performances in 8 cities in Japan as well as 11 cities in 5 countries abroad. In 2012, Mukai left from Dairakudakan, and he founded his own company “Butoh Tribe ʻDeux Shrinesʼ” with the performance “Two Suns” in 2014. He presented “Rite of Spring” as Duex Shrines in 2015, the solo performance “Butoh? Presentation Show” and “Pichigai Saiban (Pichigai Trial)” as Duex Shrines in 2016. In 2018, the “Two Suns” was invited to Mexico. What is Butoh? What can be new in performing arts? Asking himself these questions and being particular about what he thinks “interesting”, Mukai continues to create his works. He also holds workshops where he experiments various approaches to the body both in Japan and overseas.

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