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Karasuma Strok Rock


Founded in 1999. Based in Kyoto, the company works all over Japan. They are acclaimed for their style of realizing a full-length piece in years by repeatedly creating short pieces developed through the research and fieldwork in the area of workʼs model.
Their recent work “Landscape of Mahoroba” (2018), born from the contacts with kagura, locally descended sacred music and dance, and festivals as well as the culture and spirituality of mountain monks, and “Landscape of Mahoroba” (2018) received great responses for invoking the sense of ancient times of Japan. Furthermore, they recruit actors and staff in and outside Kansai area and work with local citizens and community through workshops and creating performances. Working without borders of organizations and communities, the company pursues to be sustainable in their activities in local cities. The playwright and director of the company, Yaginuma was nominated for the 60th Kishida Kunio Drama Award and received the Kyoto City Arts Award for Young Artists.

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