Stay:2019/12/19 thu. - 2019/12/27 fri.

Sam Mcgilp


Media Artist

a Melbourne-based media artist. I am currently undertaking PhD research at RMIT University, investigating the experience of liveness in digital performance. This research is a creative practice research, and so I have developed many projects to explore this questions and to understand new ways media artists and performers can work together to create hybrid digital/live performance works. Two of these projects have brought together this creative team. I worked with Yuiko Masukawa and Makoto Uemura to develop The Karaoke Project – an installation, presented in Yokohama that sought to bring elders and children together to sing Karaoke. I made films through workshops with elders and children, that I mixed-live into responsive karaoke videos; Yuiko devised choreography with children for these films; and Makoto developed the spatial and graphic scenography for the installation. Together with Harrison Hall, I created The Venusian Slip, a film responding to a live performance, choreographed and performed by Harrison. The Venusian Slip explored our expectations of our future selves as children. From the start of developing this performance, it was always intended to also be a film, and so the artwork can be understood as both a performance and a film.


NPO Japan Contemporary Dance Network (JCDN)
【Dance Camp vol.3 Creation & Dialogue Workshop by Dean Moss & Yasuko Yokoshi】
Work-in-Progress Showing & Talk

Thursday, December 26th, 2019 from 19:00

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