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Takao Norikoshi

Norikoshi is a dance critic, novelist and director of JAPAN DANCE PLUG Co.Ldt. Born in Tokyo in 1963. He had written dance critique from the time he studied law at university. After graduation, he was working as a freelance writer. He wrote a book of contemporary dance for the first time in Japan in
particular. It is the only person who has published four books in Japan. "Contemporary dance perfect guide book" has been used to as a textbook in many universities in particular.

His own company JAPAN DANCE PLUG Co.Ldt. was founded in 1991, he is the president. He has served as an advisor to theater and festivals, such as the foundation of many in the country. Festivals overseas in cooperation, he has been working actively.

BOOKS. DANCING ALL LIFE –a life of SABURO NAKAGAWA-(1996)/ ALICE –a life of FUMIKO KAWAHATA-(1999)/ Step Step by Step 〜HISTORY OF JAPANESE POPULAR DANCE〜(1999)/ DOMAIN - ballet dancer Tetsuya Kumakawa(2000)/ Contemporary dance perfect guide book (2003)/ Contemporary dance perfect guide book HYPER(2006)/ Contemporary dance perfect guide book HYPER ver.Korea(2007)/ ESSAY:You would do not watch dance anyway.
(2009)/ DANCE BIBLE (2010)

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