Stay:2021/1/9 sat. - 2021/1/17 sun.

Maria Abe



(A Participant in “Dance Camp vol. 4”)
Born in 1994 and based out of Tokyo.
She presents the body as created by a space and as formed by words. She considers the body through an artistic lens, and is interested in observing the human body as it is eroded by the outside environment and transformed each day.
Using her body for performances, spatial presentations, and other productions in site-specific spaces, she carries herself as a performer and moves her art direction whether it be for film or art.
She has also made a multitude of appearances as a dancer in music videos and commercials.


'"Dance it is"- Training program for choreographers to make use of the contemporary dance platform
Dance Camp vol.4
Work-in-Progress Performance

Saturday, 16th January 2021 from 16:00

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