Stay:2021/1/9 sat. - 2021/1/17 sun.

Natsuki Sugimoto



(A Participant in “Dance Camp vol. 4”)
Formerly a student for Professor Masahiro Fujimuro of the Department of Cell Biology at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University’s Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences, but ended up withdrawing. Her masterpiece work is “A Day for Sitting in Place” (Isuwari no hi), which was nominated for the 15th AAF Prize for Drama and received the first runner-up prize. She is also the recipient of the grand prize for the 6th annual WINGCUP. Sugimoto was a part of the Great Osaka Theater of Arts Exhibition vol. 1 and 2, the KAC TRIAL PROJECT Co-program 2017, and produced works for the stage with space grants from the Chishima Foundation for Creative Osaka during the 2018 fiscal year. She also published the essay series “Garden Party” for the literary magazine Hyakka Ryoran by LittleSophy, created visual design for “KIDS MEET ART 2018-2019”, an event presented by Outenin Temple of the Jōdo-shū ("Pure Land School") school of Buddhism, and more. Sugimoto is a board member of the DIVE Osaka Contemporary Performing Arts Association, representing the group N2.


'"Dance it is"- Training program for choreographers to make use of the contemporary dance platform
Dance Camp vol.4
Work-in-Progress Performance

Saturday, 16th January 2021 from 16:00

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