Stay:2021/1/9 sat. - 2021/1/17 sun.

Miyu Motegi



Born in Tokyo, Japan, dancer and choreographer. After graduating from high school, she moved to Germany and obtained a diploma at a ballet school. After graduating from ballet school, she joined Budapest Dance Theater as a dancer. After returning to Japan, she formed "Morin" with Kanami Nakabayashi. The piece "Su", which they created with an emphasis on each other's physicality and "uniqueness", was selected for the Ryohei Kondo Audition Workshop and performed at the Kagurazaka Session House. She has also choreographed for the media, including the NHK drone drama "Onagawa Inochi no Sakamichi," for which she choreographed and directed the dance scene. She was a member of Co. Ruri Mito's "MeMe" creation, performed in Motoko Hirayama's "Sarcophagus," She also performs, choreographs, and directs events for PS Company Ltd. While exploring her own body, she is vaguely and strongly interested in identity and ego.


'"Dance it is"- Training program for choreographers to make use of the contemporary dance platform
Dance Camp vol.4
Work-in-Progress Performance

Saturday, 16th January 2021 from 16:00

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