Stay:2021/3/3 wed. - 2021/3/14 sun.

Theatre SOKUDO


theatre company

Formed in 2016, based in Kyoto. Theatre SOKUDO’s members consist of Masato Nomura, Momo Takeuchi, and Samon Seto who have each taken part in roles as directors, potters, and actors.
They have a diverse range of works ranging from performances in theaters to unconventional spaces such as guest house installations and more. For each work, the set theme of a piece is established via a bottom-up style approach created by duplicating and repeating concepts based on the expressional distance/gap of individual media.


Theatre SOKUDO presents "Performance with the play and actors!! vol. 3 - 'Stadt als Beute' by René Pollesch" Work-in-Progress Performance
March 13th, 2021 Saturday 11:00-17:00

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