Schedule:2021/11/28 sun. 16:00-17:30

Yasuko Yokoshi with Gelsey Bell "shuffleyamamba:YAMAMBA AS A BEAR" Open Rehearsal


The second performance of an International collaboration project by choreographer and video artist Yasuko Yokoshi and NY based experimental musician Gelsey Bell on the icon “yamamba”, following the first performance “shuffleyamamba” (Izushi Eirakuk...[More]


Schedule:Monday, 18th October 2021 from 18:30

Daiji Meguro / Yebisu Daikokuza
"Paradise and Hell with Yokai Show!!" Open Studio


The third version of “Yokai show!!” by a touring troupe Yebisu Daikokuza, led by Butoh dancer and choreographer Daiji Meguro. In 2018, the second version “Yokai show at the Yokai House!!” was created at KIAC and performed in two venues in Toyooka Cit...[More]


Schedule: 2021/10/16 sat. 14:00-

Gekidan Awai “Letters” Work in Progress Showing


Playwright and director Kentaro Otsuka and actor Kantaro Matsuo founded “Gekidan Awai” while they were still in university.
After the initial period (2018-2020) of activities based on classical works since its launch in 2018, they will create a new ...[More]


Schedule:2021/08/01 Sun. 14:00-【A】 ,2021/08/02 Mon. 18:30-【B】

Kenichi Tani/DULL-COLORED POP "Nemunoki OB/GYN on the hill" Work-in-Progress Showing


A new creation by DULL-COLORED POP, a theater group led by playwright and director Kenichi Tani. This piece aims to depict social issues facing Japan today after listening to various interviews on people’s thoughts and experiences surrounding pregnan...[More]


Schedule: 2021/6/12 Sat. 17:00-

Kiyoshi Hashimoto and Kenta Yamazaki | y/n “Coming Out Lessons” Work-in-progress showing + Q&A


A lecture performance on “Coming Out Lessons” by y/n, a group formed by director/actor Kiyoshi Hashimoto and critic/dramaturg Kenta Yamazaki, which aims to become a repertoire project in the future. This piece, whose subject matter dwells on the comi...[More]


Schedule: 2021/5/19 Wed. 19:00-

Company Derashinera "Wherever The World"2021 Work-in-Progress Showing


A residency creation by Company Derashinera is a theater company that has attracted attention due to its unique direction style based on miming, which does not use a script. The work "Wherever The World" first premiered at Kanagawa Arts Theatre in Fe...[More]



Marie Brassard "Violence" online residency


A Canadian actress and director, Marie Brassard will work on the creation of a new performance, inspired by the clever remark made by a girl child. Brassard integrates music and video into a kind of musical with dark and surreal taste for adults. Acc...[More]


Schedule: 2021/3/28 Sun. 14:00-16:30

marebito theater company presents "Good morning" a Work-in-Progress Performance


Known for their pursuit of original theatrical expression without being limited to conventional performance styles, marebito theater company will continue a long-term project which follows past productions “Performing Nagasaki” and “Performing Fukush...[More]


Schedule:2021/3/13 sat. 11:00-17:00 (WS11:00-, performance 14:00-)

Theatre SOKUDO presents "Performance with the play and actors!! vol. 3 - 'Stadt als Beute' by René Pollesch" Work-in-Progress Performance


Since 2019, Theatre SOKUDO has set out to create various works under the motif of essential components of theater such as plays and actors. For this residency stay, as it is the 3rd volume, they will be focusing on institutional aspects of theater su...[More]


Schedule: 2021/02/26 Fri. ~ 2021/02/27 Sat. 13:00~16:00

Buratakeno Special!
Artist-in-Residence Program Work-in-Progress Showing
A Walk Through the Space-Time Continuum “この家で- 이 집에서<in this house>”


A long, long time ago the town of Takeno flourished as a port of call for the Kitamae ship. The streets from those days remain preserved in the town of Takeno.
Taking place at the maze-like path that spreads through town around a former ship owner’...[More]

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