Schedule: 2021/02/26 Fri. ~ 2021/02/27 Sat. 13:00~16:00

Buratakeno Special!
Artist-in-Residence Program Work-in-Progress Showing
A Walk Through the Space-Time Continuum “この家で- 이 집에서<in this house>”


A long, long time ago the town of Takeno flourished as a port of call for the Kitamae ship. The streets from those days remain preserved in the town of Takeno.
Taking place at the maze-like path that spreads through town around a former ship owner’...[More]


Schedule:2020/8/21 fri. 11:00-/14:00-

1st Asian Baby Theatre Meeting: ’Little Baby Theatre + Tea’


As a related project of the "1st Asian Baby Theatre Meeting," organized with the objective of creating a network for people involved in performing arts targeted towards infants and young children (otherwise known as “baby theatre”), we will be perfor...[More]

Rounde table

Schedule:2020/8/22 sat. 14:00-17:00

1st Asian Baby Theatre Meeting: Workshop ’What's Baby Theatre?'


The "1st Asian Baby Theatre Meeting" was organized with the objective of creating a network for people involved in performing arts targeted towards infants and young children (otherwise known as “baby theatre”). We will be holding a workshop for thos...[More]


Schedule:2020/8/10 Mon. 17:00-

ZEITAKU BINBOU`s "Checking Belongings (Towards the 10th Anniversary Journey)" Open Studio


Ahead of 2022 marking the 10th anniversary of its foundation, the company ZEITAKU BINBOU holds residency in the aim of starting to create a new performance or re-working on the past performances.
While conducting the reading of all the past plays of...[More]


Schedule:2020/8/9 sun. 14:00-

Pijin Neji, Ai Mieda and Taisuke Shimanuki
“Antigone (working title)” Work-in-Progress Showing
Research and practice on funeral rituals and remains of graves, as well as historic sites of High Treason Incident


Collective research project by Pijin Neji, Ai Mieda and Taisuke Shimanuki for the creation of performance “Antigone” (working title). Revolving around the Greek tragedy by Sophocles and High Treason Incident that took place in Japan between 1910 and ...[More]


Schedule:2020/2/8 sat. 14:00-

circo de sastre “Circus Workshop”


"circo de sastre" is a contemporary circus group whose aim is to create emotionally stirring moments not by acting, but by showing the truth of movements. They will have a circus workshop at the residency.
By tearing and tying cloth, you can join ...[More]


Schedule:2019/12/26 thu. 19:00-

NPO Japan Contemporary Dance Network (JCDN)
【Dance Camp vol.3 Creation & Dialogue Workshop by Dean Moss & Yasuko Yokoshi】
Work-in-Progress Showing


An educational program for choreographers and dancers organized by the NPO Japan Contemporary Dance Network which bridges dance with the society. For the residency in Kinosaki, as a part of this educational programs, they will invite choreographers w...[More]

Rounde table

Schedule:2019/11/30 sat. 14:00-





Kumotaro Mukai Lecture Performance & Butoh Workshop & Golden Powder Show


“Nothing is prohibited on stage.” That is what has been demonstrated by the founding father of Butoh, Tatsumi Hijikata, in 1959 with his work “Kinjiki” (“Forbidden Colors”). In its roots, there are attitudes of always being skeptical about one’s own ...[More]

Rounde table

Schedule:2019/7/7 Sun. 11:00-, 17 Wed. 19:00-, 27 Sat. 12:30-

Teatro all’improvviso × Cie Sémaphore
”Fantastic!”related programs
Toyooka Art Season 2019


Inspired by the word “fantastic”, which has several meanings such as “imaginative”, “extraordinary,” or “eccentric”, the theater company Teatro allʼimprovviso from Mantova, Italy, which specialize in children’s productions, is partnering with the chi...[More]

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