Schedule:2015/9/13 Sun.11:00~,2015/9/14 Mon.11:00~

Régine Chopinot『PACIFIKMELTINGPOT』Work in Progress&Artist talk


PACIFIKMELTINGPOT is an assembly of artists and researchers of the Pacific regions, with Régine Chopinot’s company “Cornucopiae” as is hub. We explore the virtual powers of the alternative art, such as the temporality of oral transmission in New Caledonia, New Zealand and Japan, where we have presented our performances as work-in-progress. This year, during our time as the Artist In Residence (AIR) at Osaka University and Kinosaki International Arts Center, we will develop and finalize these works as creative art. We plan on performing at Dance Box (Kobe) and Bird Theatre (Tottori) September.

PACIFIKMELTINGPOT - New caledonia (extracts) from Cornucopiae on Vimeo.

00:23 Extract #1
03:51 Extract #2
06:35 Extract #3
09:55 Extract #4
13:13 Extract #5
17:43 Extract #6
20:55 Extract #7

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