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Schedule:2016/6/4 sat.16:00-18:00

Toyooka City International Cultural Exchange Program
Dramatic Community: Japanese Communication Course (Advanced Communication in Japanese)
(Department of Pacific and Asian Studies, University of Victoria - Kinosaki International Arts Center)


The students of the University of Victoria will stay at KIAC for 10 days to learn practical Japanese through acting workshops, experience-based learning, and cohabitation with other students.
The residence program will be led by Hiroko Noro, an associate professor of the University of Victoria, and Oriza Hirata, a playwright, director, and Toyooka city arts councilor. During their stay, the students will participate in the communication education project at elementary schools in Toyooka city, internships at onsen-ryokans in Kinosaki, and homestay with local families. Students will aim for international cultural exchange with local residents, and will also create a Japanese play based on what they feel during their stay. The play will be shown in their final presentation.


☆Department of Pacific and Asian Studies, University of Victoria
The University of Victoria, one of Canada's leading universities, provides both students and faculty with a unique learning environment. UVic has earned a reputation for commitment to research, scholarship, and co-op education. Since the University first began offering courses in Japanese language and culture in the late 1960s, its coverage of Japanese studies has grown considerably, both in response to student demand and in recognition of the field's international importance.

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