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Schedule:2016/8/12 Fri. 19:00- , 8/13 Sat. 14:00-

Toyooka Art Season 2016
"Kinosakinomatopee キノサキノマトペ"
Text, Direction: Laurent Colomb


“Kinosakinomatopee” is a voice theatre project by a French voice performer, playwright and director Laurent Colomb. The project is about the Japanese onomatopoeias and hot spring of Kinosaki, and it involves six actors from Seinendan and Murinkan.
“How do we understand the nature through onomatopoeias? Do the words of onomatopoeias protect us from disorders? Are we the only ones aware of the effect of onomatopoeias?” These questions will be answered through the performance, which uses Japanese and several other languages written in text.
Workshops that involve Colomb’s physical approach towards voice will be conducted for the local people of Kinosaki during his residence.

Text, Direction: Laurent Colomb
Cast: Eri Nemoto、Chikako Suzuki, Minami Inoue(Seinendan)
   Yuka Nishimura Kenta Funatsu, Ryohei Yokota(Murinkan)

8/12 Fri. 19:00
8/13 Sat. 14:00
※Door opne: 20 mins. before
※Post-performance talk
 8/12: Laurent Colomb and casts
 8/13:Laurent Colomb and Oriza Hirata(KIAC Artistic Director)

Kinosaki International Arts Center
(1062 Yushima, Kinosaki-cho, Toyooka City)

Student, Senior=1,500JPY
High school student=1,000JPY
Junior high school student and younger=500JPY

Ticket office
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Kinosaki International Arts Center
 0796-32-3888(9:00-17:00 closed on Tue.)

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Toyooka Citizens’ Hall, Toyooka Creative Community Plaza Hall, Izushi Cultural Hall (Hiboko Hall) and others

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Lighting: Aya Nishimoto
Costume: Hikaru Kanematsu
Stage Design Adviser: Kensuke Suzuki
Stage Manager: Tadashi Kaizu
Sound: Yuhi Kobayashi(NPO Platz)
Interpreter: Mariko Hara
Flyer Design: Kyo(kyo.designworks)
Flyer Illustration: Laurent Colomb
Coordinator: Ryohei Yamamori [Toyooka]Yuichiro Yoshida(KIAC) Maki Hashimoto(KIAC)
Producer: Chikako Suzuki
Artistic Director: Oriza Hirata

Orginezed by Kinosaki International Arts Center (Toyooka City)
Supported by the Agency for Cultural affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2016
Produced by Kinosaki International Arts Center (Toyooka City), Agora Planning LTD., Komaba Agora Theater

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