Schedule:Thu, July 24, 2016 17:00-

Max-Philip Aschenbrenner "Theory of the Young Man" Work in Progress


Max-Philip Aschenbrenner will work on his project “Theory of the Young Man” during his residence at KIAC. Aschenbrenner has an experience as a dramaturge with Vegard Vinge in Berlin and the Asian Arts Theater in Gwangju. He will be working at Volksbühne Theater in Berlin from 2016.
He will take part in this project as a performer himself.
The project consists of five sessions and will be held in cities including Kinosaki, Berlin, Buenos Aires, and Malmo of Sweden. The next step of the project is scheduled to be staged in September at SÜDPOL, a theater in Luzern, Switzerland.
Aschenbrenner will work with Japanese stage director Kuro Tanino, along with Nadine Vollmer, who is the dramaturge of the project to create an overall outline and host lecture performances during his stay.

Max-Philip Aschenbrenner
Work in Progress "Theory of the Young Man"

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Thu, July 24, 2016 17:00-

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