Schedule:2017/5/19 Fri. 13:30-17:30 , 5/20 sat. 15:30-18:00

“Thousand colors project”


A project by the bubyou artist Tesshu Kuhara. The word bubyou is written with the Japanese characters for “dance” and “paint” because when Tesshu Kuhara paints, it looks as if he was dancing.
The “Thousand colors” project represents many different human races and forms of art that are all linked together under the name of bubyou. It breaks the wall between amateurs and professionals with workshops to the public, and collaborations with painters or dancers. The goal is to create a 50-meters long piece of work combining drawings, or live paints, made in different regions. This time, the project will be stopping in Kinosaki. Tesshu Kuhara has invited painter Gaku Azuma to join him. Along with the zen riddle sessions they do together, they plan on creating several paintings while communicating with the locals of Toyooka and Kinosaki.


Tesshu Kuhara
Gaku Azuma

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