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Schedule:2017/5/15 mon.& 5/17 wed.& 5/21 sun.& 5/25 thu.

Symphony No.6(Gustav Mahler)"Tragic"
Open Studio


This will be a long-term project led by Kyoto-based dancer and choreographer Kitamari and her dance company KIKIKIKIKIKI. They have decided to pick one Gustav Mahler symphony a year to turn into a dance performance. By staying in Kinosaki, they will be able to create in an environment different from what they are used to, and also interact with the audience. They have decided to work on Mahler’s 6th symphony “Tragic”. The task will be divided into two parts. First, in May, fieldwork sessions and rehearsals will be held in small groups. Open studio sessions, tea parties and other events will also be organized to show the locals the process of creation. During their second stay in July, rehearsals will be conducted in front of a larger audience. There will also be showings towards the
actual performance. Since one of Kitamari and KIKIKIKIKIKI’s objectives is to diversify the frequent attenders of dance
shows, interactive discussions are planned to be held after each show. Performances are also scheduled in August at
Atelier Gekken in Kyoto.


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