Setagaya-Silk and Teater Sesam
"The mysterious shadow"
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Schedule:2017/11/18 sat. 14:00-, 19 sun. 14:00-

Setagaya-Silk and Teater Sesam
"The mysterious shadow"
Toyooka Art Season 2017


Lost in a forest, a boy encounters a mysterious shadow.
What could it be...?

Children and adults are all welcome
To get lost in a wonderland of puppets and shadow play!

Setagaya-Silk is a theatrical company known for using not only words, but also their unique physical expression in their performances. Teater Sesam is a Gothenburg, Sweden-based theater company specialized in plays for children. The two companies will be staying at Kinosaki International Arts Center for two weeks to create a piece of work that both children and adults can enjoy.
Using puppetry and shadow play, they aim to create a work that overcomes the barrier of language and culture based on the theme of love and all its different forms: love for humanity, love for family, love for friends, or homosexuality for example.

Text, Direction: Honoh Horikawa, Nasrin Barati

Cast: Kimi Takei, Honoh Horikawa(Setagaya-Silk)、
   Yusuke Kodera, Sho Nakato(Seinendan)
   Alexander Hopman Lilja,
   Golnosh Hosseini、Gustav Borehed
Music: Kumiko Yabu, Jesper Berger


Date: Saturday, November 18, 2:00 PM / Sunday, November 19, 2:00 PM
   ※Door opne: 20 mins. before
Venue: Kinosaki International Arts Center(1062 Yushima, Kinosaki-cho, Toyooka City)
   TEL. 0796-32-3888


High school student and younger=Free
(¥300 additional charge for at the door purchase)

Ticket office:
[By phone, Online]
Kinosaki International Arts Center
 0796-32-3888(9:00-17:00 closed on Tue.)
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Toyooka Citizens’ Hall, Toyooka Creative Community Plaza Hall, Izushi Cultural Hall (Hiboko Hall) and others

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Teater Sesam

Organized by: Kinosaki International Arts Center
Supported by: the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2017
Produced by: Kinosaki International Arts Center
Plan: Setagaya-Silk

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