Schedule:Saturday March 3rd, 2018 16:00 start

Megumi Kamimura+ No Collective + Shinichi Takashima "Past Future Perfect" Work-in-progress performance


Choreographer Megumi Kamimura who actively collaborates with artists from other disciplines (music, art, film), the dance/music/theater troupe No Collective (You Nakai, et al.) from New York, and the artist Shinichi Takashima known for his performance and video works, will be in residence from February 19 to March 4 to work on the project "PAST FUTURE PERFECT.”

“PAST FUTURE PERFECT” regards people’s habits (or “Kuse” in Japanese which encompasses everything from verbal tics, propensity for lying, proneness to being lazy, sexual proclivities to messy bedheads) as primordial choreographies that register previous physical contact with the world by biasing the body in particular ways. Working under the hypothesis that “one always proposes oneself to others inadvertently through unconscious display of habits,” the project explores the use, misuse, and abuse of such “proposals” along with the strange temporalities embedded therein.

During the residency, artists will organize four workshops that aim to locate and dislocate such habits (the archi-choreographies of self) through externalization and dissemination: by making them explicit and teaching them to others.
We will have a performance with the participants of workshop on March 3.

Megumi Kamimura+ No Collective + Shinichi Takashima "Past Future Perfect"
Work-in-Progress performance

 Saturday March 3rd, 2018 16:00 start

 Kinosaki International Arts Center Hall

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Megumi Kamimura+ No Collective + Shinichi Takashima "Past Future Perfect" Archi-Choreographies: Locating/Dislocating Habits (Workshop)
❶Wednesday February 21st, 2018 19:30-21:30
❷Friday February 23rd, 2018 19:30-21:30
❸Sunday February 25th, 2018 16:00-18:00
❹Wednesday February 28th, 2018 19:30-21:30

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