Schedule:2018/6/2 sat. 14:00

Seinendan “The Rise and Fall of Japanese Literature” Open Rehearsal


Based on “The Rise and Fall of Japanese Literature”, a novel written by Genichiro Takahashi which won the 13th Ito Sei Prize for Literature, Seinendan’s version of “The Rise and Fall of Japanese Literature” will discuss the fundamental questions like “What is literature?”, “What is modern?” or “Can literature exist in Japan?”
While drawing on the images in the original novel, the performance will separately portray the scenes of funerals of four Japanese modern writers: Toukoku Kitamura (died in 1894), Shimei Futabatei (in 1909), Takuboku Ishikawa (in 1912) and Soseki Natsume (in 1916). From the discussions in these scenes, the path to the modern manners will be built to appear on stage. The original novel suggests that the emergence of all the problems of the contemporary Japanese society was already apparent in the process of formation of modern literature. This performance attempts to put that on stage with theatrical methods.

Seinendan “The Rise and Fall of Japanese Literature” Open Rehearsal

 Satday, June 2, 2018 from 14:00

 Kinosaki International Arts Center

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