Schedule:2018/4/8 sun. ❶14:00-&❷18:00-, ❸4/16 mon. 19:30-

Kaori Nishio / Tori Kouen(Bird Park)
Bird Park #15 “New Creation” Open Studio


The leader of the company Bird Park, playwright and director, Kaori Nishio will hold a residency to write a new play. Without referring to any specific plays, Nishio will start out from the existing novels and paintings, or the performersʼ personal experiences or the landscapes one encounters in the ordinary life, and she will distance herself from her usual approach of building the performance in a group through the discussions at the rehearsals and the improvisational etudes.
For this new play, she intends to give clear roles to the play and the direction.
For the writing, with her interest on the interaction between “Private” and “Public”, Nishio will start from researching the characteristics of the subject in Japanese grammar and its transitions. Based on the play written during the residency, she will share the creation process with the open studio participants to improve the play. Once the play is complete, the whole process to realize the performance, such as casting and rehearsals, should be carefully done. It is scheduled to be premiered in 2019.

Kaori Nishio / Tori Kouen(Bird Park)
Bird Park #15 “New Creation” Open Studio

 ❶Sunday April 8th, 2018 from 14:00
 ❷Sunday April 8th, 2018 from 18:00
 ❸Monday April 16th, 2018 from 19:30

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●Kaori Nishio / Tori Kouen(Bird Park)
Bird Park #15 “New Creation” Open Readig Rehearsal

●Kaori Nishio Profile

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