Schedule:2018/6/9 sat. 14:00

(Planning) TOUR PERFORMANCE “Kawalala-rhapsody”: A workshop strolling through the streets of Toyooka alongside artists!


The work “Kawalala-rhapsody” will be developed as a performance piece consisting of an interactive tour (walking around town) in Toyooka scheduled for August.
Filmmaker Shimpei Yamada, dancer and author Mika Masuda, and cultural anthropologist Takashi Toyohira have come together on a residency stay at the KIAC in order to conduct research, and will be putting on a workshop walking around Toyooka.
Participants will get to see Toyooka from various vantage points, strolling through town together with artists, hearing about the work’s creative process, learning about the history of the town, and looking more deeply into hidden interesting locations. Let’s experience Toyooka anew!

TOUR PERFORMANCE “Kawalala-rhapsody”: A workshop strolling through the streets of Toyooka alongside artists!

■Date: June 9th (Saturday) around 14:00~16:00
■Meeting place: Toyogeki Theater (10-18 Motomachi, Toyooka-shi)
■Route plan:
 Toyogeki Theater⇒& gallery⇒Daikai St.⇒Public Marketplace⇒Aozora Ichiba Farmer’s Market
 ⇒Maruyama River⇒Toyooka Elementary School⇒Kaban St.⇒Toyooka Art Gallery
 ⇒Toyogeki Theater(event will conclude)

■Fee:Free(pre-reservation is required)

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 Kinosaki International Arts Center
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TOUR PERFORMANCE “Kawalala-Rhapsody”
・Date: August 24th (Friday), 25th (Saturday)
・Venue: Various locations within Toyooka City
This piece is a tour performance based on research on the Maruyama River, the local handbag industry, and more. Setting the scene from a bird’s eye view of Toyooka, guests may walk with a short novel and map in hand, and experience dance, film, paintings, and other artworks which will be scattered across the landscape. The dancer and novelist Mika Masuda will also be joined by dancer Tsuyoshi Shirai and Kei Bitou, an artist based in Toyooka.

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