Schedule:2018/7/18 wed.19:00. 7/19 thu. 19:00. 7/21 sat. 15:00&19:00, 7/22 sun. 15:00

Daiji Meguro / Ebisu Daikokuza
"Yokai Show at the Yokai House!!"


Introducing the second edition of the original yokai show which captivated men and women of all ages across the nation – now debuting in Toyooka City!!
Creepy, cute, and slightly silly yokai have all come to settle at the Yokai House!
Embark upon this story about unpredictable yokai which come and go as they please, and the owner of the house whom they continue to torment…

※Yokai is a catch-all term for various types of monsters/spirits/supernatural beings in classical Japanese mythology. They range from malevolent, to benevolent, to mysterious tricksters.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Why don't you come to Kinosaki and Tanto this summer break and watch a yokai show which appeals to both children and adults?

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Sponsored by the Kinosaki International Arts Center
A 2018 Toyooka Art Season Production
Daiji Meguro / Ebisu Daikokuza
"Yokai Show at the Yokai House!!" – a performance in Toyooka

■ Performance schedule
July 18th (Wednesday) 19:00 Mikiya Ryokan
July 19th (Thursday) 19:00 Mikiya Ryokan
July 21 (Saturday) 15:00/19:00 Ōishike Residence
July 22 (Sunday) 15:00 Ōishike Residence
※Doors open 15 minutes before the show begins.
★All advance tickets have been sold out. Thank you for your reservations. (As of July 15th)

■ Venue (18th and 19th): Mikiya Ryokan, 3rd floor reception hall
487 Yushima, Kinosaki Onsen Town, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture
TEL. 0796-32-2031
Accessible via 15-minute walk from the Kinosaki Onsen JR Station
※In order to mimic the early days of the Showa period, the stairs are a little steep.
If you are concerned about being able to go up and down the stairs, please consult with us at the time of your booking.

Mikiya Ryokan website

■ Venue (21st and 22nd): Ōishike residence
1076 Tantōchō Yane, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture
A 30-minute drive from both JR Toyooka and Ebara Station, and a 40-minute drive from JR Fukuchiyama Station.
Ōishike residence map (Google Maps)

■ Daiji Meguro / Ebisu Daikokuza profile
Established in 2016 as a touring company, since then choreographer Daiji Meguro has taken “Ebisu Daikokuza” on the road in various regions. His performances are ones which blend traditional Japanese performing arts with western popular culture. His major works include a repertoire such as a “wholesome sexy show" called “The Nature of Roses”, a "Yokai Show" which may be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age or gender, and the “Ebisu Daikoku Show” which was inspired by traditional preemptive blessing rituals to Ebisu (the god of fishing and commerce), as well as the Daikoku dance.

■ Ticket prices (tickets have designated dates, free choice of seating, and contain a reference number)
General admission: 1,000 yen
From 3 years old to elementary school students: 500 yen
※Children below elementary school age are welcome to the show, but please refrain from bringing children under 2 years into the theater.
※For those who have difficulty going up and down stairs, such as those using wheelchairs, please consult with us at the time of your booking.

■ Ticket sale release date
June 18th, 2018 (Monday)

■ Ticket handling
[Available by phone, online order, or at a ticket window]
Kinosaki International Arts Center TEL. 0796-32-3888 (Hours of operation: 9:00-17:00. Closed on Tuesdays.)
Online order form
★ All advance tickets have been sold out. Thank you for your reservations. (As of July 15th)

[Ticket window sales]
At the Toyooka City Citizen’s Hall, Toyooka City Citizen’s Hall Plaza
Kinosaki /Takeno/Hidaka/Kodochiku District Community Centers
Toyooka City Library, Toyooka City Library Tanto Branch

■ Child daycare service (prior reservation required)
For those who would like to make a reservation, please contact us by phone at the Kinosaki International Arts Center by July 11th (Wednesday).
(Target demographic: children from 1 years old to pre-school)

■ Inquiries
Kinosaki International Arts Center 
0796-32-3888(Hours of operation: 9:00-17:00. Closed on Tuesdays.)

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