Schedule:2019/1/19 sat. 18:00-

Yokohama Dance Collection 2019
Ella Rothschild “Futuristic Space” Showing (work-in-progress)


As a choreographer and dancer creating cross-disciplinary works, Ella Rothschild will be holding a preview performance of the piece “Futuristic Space”, which will be debuted as the opening program at the 24th annual international Yokohama Dance Collection dance festival.
The story of “Futuristic Space” takes place several thousands of years in the future, revealing the remaining society following the survival of a major catastrophe and the weakness of mankind in confronting nature. The work investigates the role of each character left in existence and their survival as a group.

Yokohama Dance Collection 2019
Ella Rothschild “Futuristic Space” Showing (work-in-progress)

 Saturday January 19th, 2019 from 18:00

 Kinosaki International Arts Center

 Free (pre-reservation required)

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