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Open Studio of "XHIASMA" Project by Ema Yuasa, Tamae Hirokawa


Residency of a performing arts project “XHIASMA”, which presents the innovative potential of the collaboration among dance, fashion, music and technology.“XHIASMA” is a biological term that means“a point where exchanges of chromosomes occur out of some points at which paired chromosomes remain in contact during the late prophase to metaphase of meiosis”.
Tamae Hirokawa, designer of a fashion brand“XHIASMA”, has produced, planned, directed and designed costumes for the dance performance of Ema Yuasa, dancer and choreographer, at Roppongi Art Night 2018. With a perspective to develop the potential to present the work in and outside of Japan, they will experiment the means to combine dance, costume, stage design, music and lighting.

Open Studio of "XHIASMA" Project by Ema Yuasa, Tamae Hirokawa

 Sunday June 30th, 2019 from 15:00
■Venue : Kinosaki International Arts Center
■Fee: Free (pre-reservation required)

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