Teatro all’improvviso × Cie Sémaphore
”Fantastic!”related programs
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Schedule:2019/7/7 Sun. 11:00-, 17 Wed. 19:00-, 27 Sat. 12:30-

Teatro all’improvviso × Cie Sémaphore
”Fantastic!”related programs
Toyooka Art Season 2019


Inspired by the word “fantastic”, which has several meanings such as “imaginative”, “extraordinary,” or “eccentric”, the theater company Teatro allʼimprovviso from Mantova, Italy, which specialize in children’s productions, is partnering with the children’s theater company Cie Sémaphore from Alsace, France to create a performance for families to enjoy together. They will begin their residency stay at the Kinosaki International Arts Center in July.
As part of a program related to their stay, an art workshop will be held through an outing to Tanto, Toyooka, and a networking exchange event will showcase the artists’ French and Italian cultural backgrounds, as well what they accomplished during their residency stay.
Wouldn’t you like to make some wonderful summer memories with your friends and family while interacting with artists from abroad?

■An Early Summer Workshop in Tanto
French and Italian Artists are Finally Here!

Experience Dario Moretti’s art workshop followed by making classic French crepes with Sandra Denis.
・Date:Sunday July 7th, 2019 from 11:00
   (11:00~12:00:Art Workshop
    12:00~14:30:Lunch Break
    14:30~16:30:Making Crepes Workshop)
・Venue : Aihashi Community Center
・Fee: Morning workshop – 200 yen/Afternoon workshop – Free
・Participation requirements:Morning workshop – Ages 4〜7
Afternoon workshop – All ages
・Capacity:Both morning and afternoon workshops – Around 15 individuals
・Dress code:Clothing which is easy to move in and you wouldn’t mind getting dirty
※ For those who plan on attending both the morning and afternoon workshops straight through, please make sure to pack a lunch to bring with you since lunch will not be provided.

■Artist Talk & Networking Event
An Artist Talk and Networking Event (with complementary Italian and French cuisine) to showcase what Teatro all’improvviso and Cie Sémaphore have been working on over the course of their stay.
・Date:Wednesday July 17th, 2019 from 19:00
・Venue:Kinosaki International Arts Center
・Participation requirements:Anyone is welcome
・Capacity:Around 15

■Art Workshop: Specially planned for the Toyooka Art Fair 2019
 Let’s Draw Some Strange Creatures with Dario Moretti!

An art workshop where you can draw imaginary creatures together with Dario Moretti from the theater company Teatro all’improvviso.
・Date:Saturday July 27th, 2019 from 12:30
・Venue:Toyooka Creative Community Plaza
・Instructor:Dario Moretti
・Fee:JPY 200
・Participation requirements:5~10 years old
・Capacity:Around 15
・Dress code:Clothing which is easy to move in and you wouldn’t mind getting dirty

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Teatro all’improvviso × Cie Sémaphore『Fantastic!』
2019/7/24 Sat. 15:00-, 21 Sun. 11:00-, 15:00-, 22 Mon. 19:00-

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