Kumotaro Mukai Lecture Performance & Butoh Workshop & Golden Powder Show


“Nothing is prohibited on stage.” That is what has been demonstrated by the founding father of Butoh, Tatsumi Hijikata, in 1959 with his work “Kinjiki” (“Forbidden Colors”). In its roots, there are attitudes of always being skeptical about one’s own assumptions and the preconceptions in society, as well as the mindset of “who cares about common sense!”
Kumotaro Mukai, a Butoh artist who had long developed his artistic career with Dairakudakan and is the founder of the company “Butoh Tribe ‘Deux Shrines’” will examine the question of “What is Butoh?” in this lecture performance. We will be hosting a wide range of activities from lecture performances, a Butoh workshop for the public, and even a Golden Powder Show conducted right on the streets of Kinosaki Onsen.

◎”Butoh?” Lecture Performance
A lecture performance examining the answer to the question of “what is Butoh?” through the history of Butoh, its techniques, text, videography, and body expression.
■Date: Thursday, November 14th, 2019 from 19:30
    Saturday, November 16th, 2019 from 14:00 (total of 2 performances)
■Venue: Kinosaki International Arts Center

◎Butoh Workshop[For children/adults]
An interactive workshop where people can discover the true fun essence of butoh for themselves through movement.
■Dates: <For children>Monday, November 11th from 18:00 (age requirement: 3rd grade to junior high school)
    <For adults>Wednesday, November 13th from 19:30
■Venue: Kinosaki International Arts Center
■Fee: Free (prior reservations required)
■Ticket reservations:
 Please contact the number or email address below and be sure to give us the title of the event, your name, the number of people attending, and your contact information.
Kinosaki International Arts Center
TEL 0796-32-3888 (From 9am to 5pm. Closed on Tuesdays)
■Child Day-care Services
For those who would like to make a reservation for the “Lecture Performance”, please contact us by phone at the Kinosaki International Arts Center by November 7th (Thurs). Those who would like services for the Butoh workshop, please contact us by November 6th (Wednesday).
(Target demographic: children from 1 years old to pre-school age)


◎Golden Powder Show
We’re holding Golden Powder Show performances on the streets of Kinosaki Onsen!
■Date: November 8th (Fri.) at 16:30~17:00, 20:30~21:00
      9th (Sat.) at 20:30~21:00
       15th(Fri.)at 20:30~21:00
       16th(Sat.)at 20:30~21:00Canceled due to bad weather conditions.
■Venue: The Streets of Kinosaki Onsen (Shisho Shrine and around Kiyamachi-kouji)
■Fee: Free to view (but you may tip the street performers!)
■Reservations: Not required

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