Schedule:2020/2/8 sat. 14:00-

circo de sastre “Circus Workshop”


"circo de sastre" is a contemporary circus group whose aim is to create emotionally stirring moments not by acting, but by showing the truth of movements. They will have a circus workshop at the residency.
By tearing and tying cloth, you can join "circo de sastre" and make flags that are actually used in the circus as well as a miniature circus tent.

circo de sastre “Circus Workshop”
■Date:Saturday, February 8th, 2020 from 14:00
■Venue:Kinosaki International Arts Center
■Fee:Free (prior reservation is required)
■Participation requirements: All ages(Children welcome!)
 Please contact the number or email address below and be sure to give us the title of the event, your name, the age of people attending, and your contact information.
 Kinosaki International Arts Center
 TEL 0796-32-3888 (From 9am to 5pm. Closed on Tuesdays)

■Child minding services:
 For those who would like to make a reservation, please contact us by phone at the Kinosaki International Arts Center by January 31st (Friday).
 (Target demographic: children from 1 years old to pre-school age)


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