Schedule: 2020/11/21 sat. 19:30-

New Dance Work "Pure Core" by Hokuto Kodama Work-in-Progress Performance


“Dance is a poison and a cure”

Playing a strong role in North America and Europe for many years and also wearing multiple hats as a researcher and choreographer, Hokuto Kodama will create a new dance performance alongside brilliant dancers including Kenta Kuroda, Ayaka Fujita, and Sachi Masuda, who have been active in recent years. Takayuki Fujimoto - the leading artist on LED lighting as a member of the artist collective Dumb Type, and Midori Hirano - a Berlin-based musician, will also be joining him in orchestrating his first creation residency stay in the Kansai region.

Kodama will launch his work in the form of a thorough discussion and studio piece in order to further investigate the concept of the social pathology of “dancing bodies” as reflected in media, referencing modern dance which emerged at the turn of the 20th century and current club culture. Finally, a public work-in-progress performance and post-show artist talk will be held at the end of the residency stay to display the project’s creative process. After this residency stay, the work is scheduled to premiere on December 4th at THEATRE E9 KYOTO (Minami Ward, Kyoto).

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New Dance Work "Pure Core" by Hokuto Kodama Work-in-Progress Performance

■Date: Saturday November 21th, 2020 from 19:30
■Venue: Kinosaki International Arts Center
■Fee: Free (prior reservation is required)
*Caution*: *There will be strobe lights and other harsh lighting effects used in this production. We ask that people who are susceptible to strong stimuli, particularly children and those who experience sensory hypersensitivity, please be aware of this. If you start to feel unwell during the performance, please do not hesitate to exit the hall or inform a staff member.
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