Schedule: 2021/02/26 Fri. ~ 2021/02/27 Sat. 13:00~16:00

Buratakeno Special!
Artist-in-Residence Program Work-in-Progress Showing
A Walk Through the Space-Time Continuum “この家で- 이 집에서<in this house>”


A long, long time ago the town of Takeno flourished as a port of call for the Kitamae ship. The streets from those days remain preserved in the town of Takeno.
Taking place at the maze-like path that spreads through town around a former ship owner’s residence, the Tanaka House, artist Naomi Ota interviewed people living in Takeno and conducted a survey on the former Tanaka House. Along with collecting memories about the history of the “town” from people living there, she also gathered their thoughts on the present and future. Using those bits of conversation as clues, she has created prose, art, and sounds, and will be holding a work-in-progress showing of an installation performance. Pick up a map at the Takeno Tourism Association Center and go on a magical walk around town.

Buratakeno Special!
Artist-in-Residence Program Work-in-Progress Showing
A Walk Through the Space-Time Continuum “この家で- 이 집에서<in this house>”

■Dates:February 26th, 2021 (Fri), 27th (Sat)
■Reception Hours:13:00-14:30 | Event ends at 16:00
■Viewing area:Takeno Beach Area *Canceled in case of heavy rain
■Reception desk:Takeno Tourism Association Center (17-22 Takeno Takeno-cho, Toyooka)
*Please come to the Takeno Tourism Association Center within the time limit indicated above. We will be handing out maps for people to enjoy the artwork.
*You’ll be able to walk around various venues scattered around town with a map in hand, viewing artworks at your leisure.
*Approximate viewing time | About 90 minutes
*Please wear shoes that are easy to walk in and warm clothing.
*Prior reservation is required
*We ask that pre-school age children be accompanied by a parent or guardian
Please contact the number or online form below.
Kinosaki International Arts Center
TEL 0796-32-3888 (From 9 am to 5 pm. Closed on Tuesdays)
Online form: Here (in Japanese)
Concept: Naomi Ota(artist)
     Won Young-Oh(director)
     Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey (sound artists/ composers)
Direction: Naomi Ota
Script: Naomi Ota, Won Young-Oh
Sound: Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey
Performers: Masaya Kishimoto (actor)
      Tomohiko Kyogoku (dancer/choreographer)
      Mika Masuda (dancer/actor/writer)
Guest artist: Takashi Tamura (local musician)
Sound research: Risa Yamasaki (NPO Platz)
Creation research: Chinami Yoda (Toyooka City Community Reactivation Cooperator Squad)
Producer: Yuichiro Yoshida (General Incorporated Association POST)

■Organization Credits:
Presented/produced by: Kinosaki International Arts Center (Toyooka City)
Co-presented by: Buratakeno Management Committee
In collaboration with the Takeno Tourism Association Center/ NPO Takeno Kazoku/ Colombia Coffeehouse/ Sumiyoshiya Historical Archive Museum/ Takeno Beach Neighborhood Council/ Nagomitee/ Guesthouse & Bar Hitotomaru
Production support: General Incorporated Association POST/ NPO Platz
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan, fiscal year2020.

■Regarding COVID-19 Measures During Events
★Please read this prior to applying.
・We ask those who have a fever higher than 37.5 degrees or are ill and exhibiting symptoms such as a cough to please refrain from visiting. We also ask those living together with someone exhibiting such symptoms to refrain from visiting as well.
・Please wear a mask.
・Please disinfect your hands with alcohol disinfectant and get your temperature checked at the entrance of the venue.
・Please keep an appropriate distance from others when watching the performance.
・Since this is an indoor venue, admission may be restricted to avoid crowding.


Naomi Ota
*Overseas artists Won Young-Oh (South Korea), Madeleine Flynn, and Tim Humphrey (Australia) will be participating remotely online.

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