Schedule:2021/3/13 sat. 11:00-17:00 (WS11:00-, performance 14:00-)

Theatre SOKUDO presents "Performance with the play and actors!! vol. 3 - 'Stadt als Beute' by René Pollesch" Work-in-Progress Performance


Since 2019, Theatre SOKUDO has set out to create various works under the motif of essential components of theater such as plays and actors. For this residency stay, as it is the 3rd volume, they will be focusing on institutional aspects of theater such as the physical theater playhouse or the process of staging productions. By looking individually at the multitude of productions, activities, and works created by Theatre SOKUDO in the past as key pieces, Theatre SOKUDO will summarize what’s happened before and, through asking about theaters or staging, will explore what the future holds.

For this work-in-progress performance, Theatre SOKUDO will gather together performances and discuss former staged productions, reproductions, and exhibitions of works so that we may observe the past.

Additionally, Theatre SOKUDO will be taking on an interpretation of the play “Stadt als Beute” by René Pollesch, an exemplary contemporary German theater writer who takes a critical look at personal lifestyles and behaviors, as well as the contemporary urban space/ environment. This is in conjunction with Theatre SOKUDO’s research on the urban environment where the Kinosaki International Arts Center is based in, revolving around the theme of "people + speaking + in a theater = performing".

They will be looking into how and what theaters can and cannot perform, and whether the theater can become a place that can criticize the modern city and daily life. Theatre SOKUDO aims to take the first step in exploring the future of not only itself, but also by extension performing arts as a whole.

Theatre SOKUDO presents "Performance with the play and actors!! vol. 3 - 'Stadt als Beute' by René Pollesch" Work-in-Progress Performance

■Date: Saturday March 13th, 2021. 11:00-17:00
■Venue: Kinosaki International Arts Center
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