Schedule: 2021/3/28 Sun. 14:00-16:30

marebito theater company presents "Good morning" a Work-in-Progress Performance


Known for their pursuit of original theatrical expression without being limited to conventional performance styles, marebito theater company will continue a long-term project which follows past productions “Performing Nagasaki” and “Performing Fukushima” that they have worked on for 6 years since 2013 based on cities impacted by radiation/ nuclear explosions. Following these performances, they are working on the production of new works, written by Masataka Matsuda, that deal with the subject of Tokyo as a megapolitan city over several years. For this residency stay, as the first step of this project, they will be putting on a work-in-progress performance of the recently written play “Good Morning”. They will hold workshops and rehearsals with actors and search for new directing methods developed from their existing methods. After the residency in Kinosaki, they will perform “Good Morning” at theaters and festivals in Japan around fall of 2021, and intend to continue with the project from 2022 onward.

marebito theater company presents “Good Morning”, a Work-in-Progress Performance
A work-in-progress performance will be held as a final result public showing for this residence stay. There will also be a post-performance artist talk held with Masataka Matsuda and Oriza Hirata. (Details to be announced at a later date).

■Date: March 28th, 2021 (Sun) 14:00—
*The show is scheduled for around 16:30-17:00.
■Venue: Kinosaki International Arts Center
■Fee: Free (prior reservation is required)
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