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Schedule:2021/05/15 Sat. 14:00-16:00

Physical Workshop by Shuji Onodera"Let's just start from standing up"


Company Derashinera is a theater company that has attracted attention due to its unique direction style based on miming, which does not use a script. While completing an artist-in-residence program to work on the recreation of “Wherever The World”, a piece which premiered last year, the theater company’s leader Shuji Onodera will be hosting a workshop that uses the whole body. This workshop is neither theater nor dance, but a way to consider the true nature of the human body, returning to a pre-verbal state.

Physical Workshop by Shuji Onodera
“Let’s just start from standing up”

■Date:May 15th, 2021 (Sat) 14:00-16:00
■Venue:Kinosaki International Arts Center
■Fee:Free (*prior reservation is required)
■Eligibility:High school students and older
■Capacity:Around 20 people
Warm-ups using the whole body
Communicating with a partner without speaking

*Things to note
Please come wearing clothing that is easy to move around in and you can be barefoot in (do not wear a skirt). Also, please bring your own water bottle.

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Kinosaki International Arts Center
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A message from the artist
I am on the search for how to be in the moment without relying on a script.
I get the feeling that being able to communicate with another person without the use of words is something that is extraordinarily difficult.
As soon as a rule which forbids talking is made, the body loses its freedom and people begin to use gestures. However, we are already regularly able to receive a lot of information from sight alone. We obtain this from our posture, manner of walking, way of sitting, how we turn around, squat, and the speed, impression, and rhythm of our actions. This information expressed on a subconscious level is, on its own, abundant and precise, but mimicking these movements now makes the body language artificial. A scene without any dialogue can seem peculiar, but most of everyday life exists like this.
When one’s body is exposed to others, it informs them of one’s intentions and a lot of other information. This includes the differences between what one intends to express and how one is perceived, how one’s body replicates the movement one conjures in their mind, how one can stop their body. I would like to search for this free form of body expression.

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■Child-minding service
For those who would like to make a reservation, please contact us by phone at the Kinosaki International Arts Center by May 7th (Friday).
(Target demographic: children from 1 years old to preschool age)

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