Schedule:2021/08/01 Sun. 14:00-【A】 ,2021/08/02 Mon. 18:30-【B】

Kenichi Tani/DULL-COLORED POP "Nemunoki OB/GYN on the hill" Work-in-Progress Showing


A new creation by DULL-COLORED POP, a theater group led by playwright and director Kenichi Tani. This piece aims to depict social issues facing Japan today after listening to various interviews on people’s thoughts and experiences surrounding pregnancy and childbirth. A work-in-progress showing will be held at the end of the residency and, on the second day of the performance, the roles of men and women will be switched to follow the theme of "imagining being a gender and living a life different from one’s own”. After the residency, the full performance will be held in Tokyo and Osaka.

Kenichi Tani/DULL-COLORED POP "Nemunoki OB/GYN on the hill" Work-in-Progress Showing

On the north side of the station, past the shopping district, at the top of a hill, is Nemunoki-san, an obstetrics and gynecology clinic that has been around for a long time, since the beginning of the Showa era (1926-1989). It seems that I, my mother, and my grandmother were all born here. The lobby is a bit crowded today, with a dozen men and women sitting there, including us. Their ages, clothes, and expressions are all different. What on earth are they all thinking about? Six sets of worries, or rather a dozen different thoughts, hover in the quiet lobby where no one speaks.

■Date: August 1st, 2021 (Sun) from 14:00-【A】
   August 2nd, 2021(Mon)from 18:30-【B】
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* In [A], the female performer plays the female role and the male performer plays the male role.
* In [B], the male performer plays the female role and the female performer plays the male role.

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