Schedule: 2021/12/12 Sun. 14:00-

Hiroaki Umeda "Movers Platform #2"


This is the second in a series of platform/dance performances devised by choreographer, dancer, and visual artist Hiroaki Umeda as director, to propose values about choreography and dance that will lead to the next generation.
This is a dance performance that pursues the appeal of movement itself and the bodies of dancers (= movers) with unique "movements" from Japan and abroad, each influenced by their own culture and region.
The participating movers will conduct research on their movements before their residency, and during their residency at KIAC, they will create a showing consisting of solos, duets, and unison by the four movers from Japan and videos of the four remote movers from overseas.

Hiroaki Umeda "Movers Platform #2"

■Date:December 12th, 2021(Sun)14:00-
■Venue:Kinosaki International Arts Center Hall
■Fee:Free to view *Prior reservation is required
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Director: Hiroaki Umeda
Movers: Ikumi Otsuka / Yuki Nakamura / Kairi Hayashida / YULI
Movers (remote participation/video appearance): Livier Tu / Pobo HUNG / Siko Setyanto / Daria Mikhaylyuk
Producer: Suzuko Tanoiri

Organized and produced by: Kinosaki International Arts Center (Toyooka City)
Co-produced by: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Number 1(Yokohama Arts Foundation)
Planning and production: S20, east
Cooperation: Thinkers' Studio (Taiwan), The Dance Centre (Canada), Dan[s]ity (Indonesia)
Production Support: General Incorporated Association POST / NPO Platz
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Goverment of Japan, Fisical Year 2021

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・Please wear a mask.
・Please disinfect your hands with alcohol disinfectant and get your temperature checked at the entrance of the venue.
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■Child-minding service:
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(Target demographic: children from 1 years old to preschool age)

*There is a chance that child-minding services are put on hold depending on the COVID-19 situation.


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