Schedule:2018/9/15 sat. 19:00-&9/16 sun. 14:00-

Saiko Kino
Re-interpreting "The Book of the Dead"(written by Shinobu Orikuchi) Open Rehearsal


The Tottori-based dancer and choreographer Saiko Kino’s re-reading project of Shinobu Orikuchi’s “The Book of The Dead”.

Based on the structure of interlocking two worlds and the heavily used onomatopoeia in “The Book of The Dead”, Shinobu Orikuch...[More]


Schedule:2018/8/24 Fri. 18:30-, 25 Sat. 18:30-

TOUR PERFORMANCE “Kawalala-rhapsody”


“In that town, there was a river which flowed and a river which did not.”

The city of Toyooka prospers alongside a transitioning river. Based on a short novel created from the historical lore of the city’s districts, visual and contemporary dance...[More]

Rounde table

Schedule:2018/8/4 sat. 16:00

Artist Talk and Dinner Gathering by Creative VaQi


Kyung-Sung Lee / Creative VaQi
Creation of “Love Story”

 The artist collective Creative VaQi formed by Kyung-Sung Lee is highly recognized in the Korean theatrical scene for their exceptional ability of conveying the problems that confront modern...[More]


Schedule:2018/7/18 wed.19:00. 7/19 thu. 19:00. 7/21 sat. 15:00&19:00, 7/22 sun. 15:00

Daiji Meguro / Ebisu Daikokuza
"Yokai Show at the Yokai House!!"


Introducing the second edition of the original yokai show which captivated men and women of all ages across the nation – now debuting in Toyooka City!!
Creepy, cute, and slightly silly yokai have all come to settle at the Yokai House!
Embark upon t...[More]


Schedule:2018/6/30 sat. 11:00-, 14:00-

ʻAoki Naoya Group Work Project 2018ʼ
Performance @Toyooka City Museum of Art – Itoh Kiyonaga Memorial Hall-


The choreographer and dancer Naoya Aoki will work with the dancers selected from the open call as “Aoki Naoya Group Work Project”. Since its start in 2017, by sharing the common body training, the project continues to explore the “relationship betwee...[More]


Schedule:2018/6/16 sat. 14:00-15:00

Hiroaki Umeda+Somatic Field Project
"1-resonance" Open Rehearsal


Research and creation by “Somatic Field Project” which is the project launched by choreographer Hiroaki Umeda in 2014 to train young Japanese dancers and to develop his own “Kinetic Force Method”.“Kinetic Force Method” is a unique movement method dev...[More]


Schedule:2018/6/10 sun. 11:00-12:00

Hiroaki Umeda "Alignment and Release Class"


Hiroaki Umeda "Alignment and Release Class"

 Saturday June 10th, 2018 11:00-12:00

 Kinosaki International Arts Center

 Free (pre-reservation required)

 Please contact the number or the email address belo...[More]


Schedule:2018/6/9 sat. 14:00

(Planning) TOUR PERFORMANCE “Kawalala-rhapsody”: A workshop strolling through the streets of Toyooka alongside artists!


The work “Kawalala-rhapsody” will be developed as a performance piece consisting of an interactive tour (walking around town) in Toyooka scheduled for August.
Filmmaker Shimpei Yamada, dancer and author Mika Masuda, and cultural anthropologist Ta...[More]


Schedule:2018/6/2 sat. 14:00

Seinendan “The Rise and Fall of Japanese Literature” Open Rehearsal


Based on “The Rise and Fall of Japanese Literature”, a novel written by Genichiro Takahashi which won the 13th Ito Sei Prize for Literature, Seinendan’s version of “The Rise and Fall of Japanese Literature” will discuss the fundamental questions like...[More]


Schedule:2018/5/12 sat. 11:00-

Wu-Kang Chen and Pichet Klunchun ”BEHALF” Open Studio


Wu-Kang Chen is a choreographer and dancer who has founded the Taiwanese dance company HORSE after his long successful career at Ballet Tech in NY. He will be working on a collaborative creative project with Pichet Klunchun, an internationally acclai...[More]

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