Moto Takahashi / MWMW

Moto Takahashi

Japan/Dancer, Choreographer, Videographer
Takahashi started classical ballet from her early childhood. In 2011, she joined the company Tokyo ELECTROCK STAIRS and performed in Japan and abroad. Since 2013, Takahashi has created 4 full-length performances and 9 shorter pieces. With her solo works, she has been invited to different international festivals such as Rencontres Choregraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis (Paris) and Festival Fabbrica Europa (Firenze).
In 2021, at Yokohama Dance Collection 2021, her work “PHANTOM MOCKUMENT” received the Jury prize and Kinosaki International Arts Center Prize.
In recent years, she has been creating her own dance video works as a videographer.


Japan/Dance company
A dance company founded in 2017 by dancer and choreographer Moto Takahashi. As MWMW, she has presented short pieces entitled “night-bird”, “Since I was a kid”, “NANIMONOTACHI”, “PHANTOM MOCKUMENT”, “PHENOMENA” and a full-length performance “Utopia is phantom, or Mockument”.
Since 2021, the company also appears as MWNOS when in collaboration with a dance company VONNOS. Their coproduction “ROBIN” has received the Grand Prix of Kanagawa Short Play Award 2022.
The company aims to bring their alternative and crossover dance performances, not limited to theatrical spaces.

2022 project

New Creation & Video Production
  • “Utopia is phantom, or Mockument” ©Kazuyuki Matsumoto

  • “Utopia is phantom, or Mockument” ©Kazuyuki Matsumoto

  • “NANIMONOTACHI” ©Kazuyuki Matsumoto

  • “NANIMONOTACHI” ©Kazuyuki Matsumoto


Moto Takahashi, dancer and choreographer who received both Jury Prize and Kinosaki International Arts Center Prize at the Yokohama Dance Collection 2021 Competition I, will work on a new performance of her dance company MWMW and video works. During the residency, she will organize a workshop for students, video shooting in the onsen street and work-in-progress presentation, in order to stimulate dialogues and exchange with the local community through different approaches. The short version of the new performance will be presented in Yokohama in December, and the performance will be developed to be premiered in Tokyo in February 2023.

2022 project

Crossing the Sea - KIAC Artists Exchange: Moto Takahashi “Solo dance work creation”


An artists exchange program between Italian artists mobility program “Crossing the Sea” and Kinosaki International Arts Center.
Moto Takahashi, a dancer and choreographer who leads the dance company MWMW, will be hosted by the Marche Teatro at the Polverigi residency. Then, she will participate in the dance seminar organized by Anghiari Dance Hub in the Toscana region.
Away from Tokyo, Takahashi will resume her solo creation after a period of only working on group dance. She will also film local landscapes and create video works.