Frédéric Feliciano / Friiix Club

©Arnaud Giret

Frédéric Felicianot / Friiix Club

It was at the age of eighteen that Frederic started exploring the art of puppetry in Paris. Then he left France to improve his knowledge of sewing and sculpture in Italy.
With his own company the Friiix Club, based in France, he tried a lot of manipulation techniques until he came to stage bare hands.
“The more I advance in my work”, said Frédéric, “the more the objects created take shape at the heart of a deeply stripped device, thus leaving room for the poetry of movement or the evocative potential of the text. The art of puppetry is based on the principle of showing a part for the whole as well as on an aspect of human nature: the need to create meaning. The spectators of my shows, without knowing it, construct a part of the show to be seen.
You could call it the art of suggestion.”

2023 project

  • ©Manon Dublanc

  • ©Manon Dublanc


Frédéric Feliciano, a French contemporary puppetry artist based in Bordeaux, will work on his new creation on the living juvenile offender who stole airplanes.
Can he become a popular hero? Inspired also by the Japanese manga, this crazy but delicate puppetry performance will be dedicated to the teenagers.