Shie Minamino / OSUSHI

photo by Sho Takiguchi

Shie Minamino / OSUSHI

Japan/Playwright, director and costume designer
Founder of a performing arts group OSUSHI from 2016, where she writes, directs and creates costumes.
Based in Kyoto Prefecture, Minamino shares the time and space with the audiences through her performances. By approaching multi-directionally from play, costume to dialogues, she re-edits many layers of matters in her direction and wrestles with others. Her performances are the results of the patience of dealing with the situations without simple responses and her effort to get to the core of the superindividual problems and affairs, where she poses universal questions.

2023 project

“Wedding” - Present / Absent / Work-in-progress -
  • "The Peach Boy" (2021) photo by Shie Minamino

  • "The Peach Boy" (2021) photo by Shie Minamino

  • "菠薐心中/Hello-Shinju"(2019) photo by Shigehiro Matsumoto


A performing arts group “OSUSHI”, founded by the costume designer Shie Minamino, will create a participatory performance by replicating the form of the wedding ceremony in contemporary Japanese society in “Romeo and Juliet”.
“Oh Romeo, why are you Romeo? Disown your family and refuse your name, and I will do the same.” What is the 13-years-old girl negotiating for…?