Rie Uomori / kehaiworks

©Itsumi Okayasu

Rie Uomori / kehaiworks

Japan/Lighting designer
Born in Itami, Hyogo Prefecture. After her studies of the Conceptual and Media Art Course in the Department of Fine Arts at Kyoto City University of Arts, Uomori became a lighting designer. Treating the lights both connotatively and explicitly as a material of expression, she produces lighting design to bring about the quality of the expression.
Not only designs the lighting for performing arts and visual arts exhibitions, kehaiaworks also creates workshops, performances and works that deal with the lights and senses. On a daily basis, she observes the night-time landscape which continues to glow more and more each year. While studying the importance of senses sharpened by the darkness and gloom, she questions herself “if it is possible to design the darkness”.
Member of akakilike and lecturer at Kyoto Seika University and Kyoto City University of Arts.

2023 project

Heating lights for heating darkness / Research project on darkness
  • ©Uomori Rie


Black darkness in a theatrical space, red darkness of a darkroom, white darkness in the snowstorm.
Rie Uomori, a lighting designer with interest in the multidisciplinary research on light and shadow, will conduct research and practice on site about “darkness”. In the Onsen streets of Kinosaki, she will search for how to positively approach the “darkness”, which is often avoided in urban life.