Yaneura Heights

photo by Taro Motofuji

Yaneura Heights

Japan/Theater company
Founded in Sendai in 2013 and since 2018 the company creates their works between Tokyo, Yokohama and Sendai. Current members are Daichi Nakamura, Kana Muraoka and Harutaka Watanabe. During the creation of the performance “Reopen” (2016), they have dealt with the oral inheritance of the folktales. Since then, their performances take the form of dialogues, represented with the bodies that are eager to listen to others. Seemingly simple conversations gently embrace both the past and future, so as the living ones and who have passed away, modulating space and time. In the end, it is their dream to build a house.

2023 project

New creation : 8th Floor performance “Table Manners” (tentative title)
  • “Paradise”(2021)photo by Harutaka Watanabe

  • “Night on Earth (remix)”(2022)photo by Kai Maetani

  • “Private Land”(2019)photo by Taro Motofuji


Yaneura Heights with its director Daichi Nakamura, will work on the creation of a new full-length performance after two years.
As they have done in “Paradise” (2021), they will continue to pose the question: ”What is the ideal community?” By setting the scene in a shared house, they will examine the communities without any geographical or blood ties and their future in the contemporary society.