Moe Yoshida

©souta kasahara

Moe Yoshida

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1999. Through the involvement with others, Yoshida seeks new body forms and correlations with environments. Her recent creations with her direction include: "Wall or Stone, Flat Medium" (2020/2024), an archive and practice of people who mediumize their own bodies (actors, therapists, art models, trainees, and dancers), and "Still Life" (2022), a research on the environmentalization of memories embraced within the body of individuals. She has performed in the works of Sanmaikumie, Ikuko Sekita, marebito theater company, and others.

2024 project

Research project for the performance “Vacance”
  • "Still Life" (2022) ©︎souta kasahara

  • "Wall or Stone, Flat Medium" (2024) ©︎souta kasahara

  • "Wall or Stone, Flat Medium" (2020) ©︎souta kasahara


A research residency for a new work by Moe Yoshida, a director, as well as an actress who has performed in works by marebito theater company and Ikuko Sekita.
As in urban life and tourism, a body may move between two points such as the present and the past or future, or reality and imagination. Defining such a body as a "vacational body," Yoshida will conduct fieldwork in the streets of an onsen town, write a script, and create a performance in collaboration with actors.