Koshiro Hino + Ken Furudate + Masayoshi Fujita + Kanna Taniguchi + Tsuyoshi Maeda

photo by Dai Fujimura

Koshiro Hino

Japan/Musician, Composer
Born in 1985 in Shimane Prefecture. Currently based in Osaka, Hino is known for covering a broad range of music in different formats of output, from the band “goat,” where he uses even melodic instruments as percussion and plays polyrhythmic compositions, and a band that applies noise and hard-core sounds “bonanzas,” to the solo electronic music project “YPY.” His main works include: “Virginal Variations” (2016), hybrid orchestra with classical music instruments and electronic sounds “GEIST” (2018~), live performance with many speakers with moving performers to use the auditory perception of whole-body and “INTERDIFFUSION A tribute to Yoshi Wada” (2021) co-composed and performed with sound artist FUJI|||||||||||TA. He started to collaborate with Sado-based Kodō Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble in 2019, and he created the music performed by Kodō in the film “Shiver” (2021 director: Toshiaki Toyoda), realized during a month-long residency on Sado Island. Hino is a member of ANTIBODIES Collective founded by dancer and choreographer Yoko Higashino and musician and director Toshio Kajiwara. He has also created music for a dance performance “Without References,” choreographed by Cindy Van Acker, as well as a film “The Invisible Fight,” (2024) directed by Rainer Sarnet.

photo by 桜木美幸

Ken Furudate

Japan/Artist, Musician, Engineer
Furudate creates complex sound design phenomena by emphasizing minimal elements such as sine wave and pulse as well as their characteristics. His sound installation “Pulses/Grains/Phase/Moiré” received the Grand Prize at the Japan Media Arts Festival (2019), Digital Choc Award (2018), and was selected as a finalist for CYNETART AWARDS (2018). The project “The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA,” directed by Furudate, was selected for Prix Ars Electronica Honorary Mention (2004), the Jury Selections of Art Division in Japan Media Arts Festival (2017), and CYNETART AWARD (2018). As a musician, he has appeared in different festivals such as MUTEK.JP (2019), MAZEUM (2018), Yebisu International Festival for Art and Alternative Visions (2016), Knowledge Capital Festival (2015), Kyotograhie (2014) and Sonar Sound Tokyo (2011). He also collaborates with other artists such as Shiro Takatani, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and others, and has been a member of Dumb Type since 2013.

Photo by Özge Cöne

Masayoshi Fujita

Japan/Vibraphonist, Marimba player, Composer
After transitioning from drums to vibraphone, Masayoshi has pursueds a unique sound that transcends traditional playing styles, techniques, and compositional approaches, exploring new possibilities for the vibraphone. Since relocatinged to Berlin in 2006, Masayoshi has played concerts and festivals worldwide, showcasing a distinctive sonic identity that has earned acclaim.
Engaging in diverse collaborations, including the duo project with Jan Jelinek, Masayoshi has garnered recognition for his wide-ranging contributions. Currently based in Hyogo, Japan, Masayoshi collaborates with Masahiko Mikami of GONTITI on the album “'Conjecture”' and extends his musical prowess to films, brand videos, and more. In 2021, his 10th album “Bird Ambience” saw him unite all the different facets for the first time into one singular vision. Endorsed artist of Korogi.

photo by Kohei Matsumura

Kanna Taniguchi

Graduated from Kyoto Horikawa Music High School and Department of Percussion of Kyoto City University of Arts. While in school, Taniguchi was a member of a live performance group and performed with visual artists and various performers, gaining experience in improvisation performance. Currently, she works as a freelance musician, mainly in chamber music, and also continues to collaborate with artists of different genres in improvisation sessions. She has performed with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and Kyoto Chamber Ensemble. In recent years, she has been focusing on performing on vibraphone. In November 2023, she held the first solo recital “vib.” at Kyoto Art Center, with a program focused on the vibraphone.

photo by maiko miyagawa

Tsuyoshi Maeda

Japan/Musician, Japanese taiko drummer
From a young age, Maeda became familiar with Japanese taiko drums, as part of reconstruction activities after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and joined “Kodō Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble” in 2008. He has toured around Japan and abroad with the ensemble, performing more than 100 shows a year.
Talented also in composition and stage direction, Maeda has directed various performances such as “Earth Celebration,”(Sado City, Niigata Prefecture) tour performances in schools, and special performance “Spirited Summer.” He has performed with Kabuki actor and living national treasure Tamasaburo Bando in the productions “Amaterasu” and “Yugen.” He has appeared in performances with violinist Ikuko Kawai, Japanese ballad enka singer Fuyumi Sakamoto, artist AI, and musician and videographer Masakatsu Takagi, among others.
He left Kodō in 2017, and since then, has been working as a soloist and pursuing his own musicality and way of performance expression, applying his past learning and experience.

2024 project

Phase Transition II
  • Photo: Yoshikazu Inoue

  • Photo: Yoshikazu Inoue

  • Photo: Yoshikazu Inoue


A collaboration between composer Koshiro Hino, media artist Ken Furudate, vibraphonist Masayoshi Fujita, percussionist Kanna Taniguchi, and taiko drummer Tsuyoshi Maeda. Taking "Phase Transition" (2023) as a starting point, they will create, record, and offer an open rehearsal of a music theater piece, making full use of large percussion instruments and immersive audio technology.